Werewolf. Myth. Ugly.

In the deep sea of trees of the PNW, lives a man. A wolfman. Self-taught in the ways of illustration, audio-engineering, and conversing, Nodnash is the Ugly Werewolf.

Since 2007, Nodnash has worked on lost classic comics such as "Abattoir", isuue 1 of "THORNS", multiple small release children's books, personal art zines, mini comics, and as of 2015, The Ugly Werewolf Podcast.

He has worked on various side projects and experiments, like A Drinking Pegasus, The BFFs Show, the YIH series, and is working on becoming the official Pokemon Gym Leader of Portland, Oregon.

When he's not experimenting with all of that, he relaxes with his black cat familiar and tomes of the blackest of magicks, just a hop away from Portland, Oregon.

If you're interested in having a werewolf horror punk draw you junk or use his high charisma score to entertain on your podcast/youtube video/stage show, shoot him an email at nodnash@uglywerewolf.com

Once Nodnash can master being supersonic while standstill, he will finally be ready to take on the strongest fist in the universe.

Look at my chest hair. I am so alone.

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