There is so much vomit everywhere
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    Nodnash is a self-taught comicer, illustrator, magician, journalist, writer, guitarist, animator, and voice actor from Portland, OR, USA. David Blaine follows Nodnash's personal, super exclusive twitter. Nodnash onced launched a golf cart into the air into a tree. Nodnash may or may not be responsible for shutting down RainFurrest for partying too hard. Life time member of HowlCon. Ran the 22nd Best Page in the Universe, which shattered minds with hilarious reviews, spawned multiple email chains, and was called "Maddox, but updates and is shitty". He also punched a bee so hard its head popped off. Also, Nodnash is a werewolf.

Don't believe how awesome Nodnash says he is? That's fine. How about what other people say:

This really happened and I now have the stregnth to fight giant robots. ~Dick Masterson, America's Wingman

"This is what I needed in my life." ~Ara Elkins, horse fucker

"You're an inspiration." ~Maxx Million, furry

"Ugly Werewolf = highlight of my week." ~Stupid Weasels, super fan

  ~A. Quinton,

"If you're going to be using language like that, remove me on facebook." ~Nodnash's mom, parent

"Busting my balls over here. Why don't you go fuck yourself?" ~Maddox, intellectual heavyweight

"I didn't know what I was expecting, but I'm pretty sure I can't breathe." AlphaHelius, more furry trash

this is the secret text

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